Kent Tarmac Driveways

Kent Tarmac Driveways

Here at Base Driveways we cover all sorts of materials used in driveway construction including laying Kent Tarmac Driveways.

A tarmac driveway can look quite stunning when done properly and will last for many many years to come. One of the most important things to consider when choosing your contractor to lay your tarmac driveway is their experience in using this material and the specification of construction. If you have a Tarmac driveway laid incorrectly then it will give you nothing but years of problems instead of years of pleasure.

If you have opted for a Tarmac driveway then it needs to be dug out to a depth to allow a minimum depth of 250mm of type 1 base stone – this is very much dependent on ground conditions, this should then be leveled and compacted using the appropriate machinery and all drainage considerations taken care of. The actual tarmac covering should be laid with a 12.5mm base layer followed by a 25mm wearing course giving you a Tarmac driveway that will be good for at least 20 years.

The most common problems that we encounter from poorly constructed and laid Kent tarmac driveways are that they sink and cause dips in places – especially where vehicles may be parked for long periods of time, because the sub base wasn’t put in deep enough and compacted well enough and often when this happens it leads to cracking in the surface which will then lead to damage from water getting in and freezing, causing the cracks to deepen and widen. This is what happens on roadways and ultimately this causes the pot holes that we have come to expect every winter. Tarmac cracking can also happen when the tarmac is laid too thinly. This is a problem that you will encounter when a firm tries to cut down on cost and increase their profits on a job. The trouble here is that when your new tarmac driveway is laid and finised it will look lovely – but unfortunately it will not stand the test of time and will give you many problems in the years to come – Be Warned, not all Kent Tarmac Driveways are laid the same.

Kent Tarmac driveways are very weather resistant and can handle pretty much anything that our weather offers, Tarmac’s only downside compared to other surfaces is that it doesn’t handle the blistering heat as well as some surfaces, but 99% of the time it isn’t a problem – everyone has seen freshly laid tarmac go a little soft when it is extremely hot. Once the tarmac is properly cured then it will be fine – after all, that is what roads are made of.  Tarmac does deal with cold weather very well and it is only if there are problems with your tarmac driveways surface that the water can penetrate and get in and if that freezes repeatedly it can “blow” the tarmac open.  It is therefore vital that you have your tarmac driveway laid correctly in the first place to avoid any of these possible problems.

We have been laying Kent Tarmac driveways for over 20 Years and give a 5 Year Guarantee on all our Kent Tarmac Driveways which gives you the piece of mind to know you have chosen the right firm to do your Tarmac Driveway.

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